SWACHESEVA is an e-Services portal. This portal has services AEPS, BBPS, E-Commerce Service, PAN Card Service,Tours & Travels, Money Transfers, Ticket Bookings, Recharges, Insurance Premiums and manymore E-Services.

  • Stock Market Services
  • AEPS Services
  • BBPS Services
  • Insurance Payments
  • DMT Services
  • Digital Signature Services
  • Bulk Whatsapp Services

Franchisee Registration Process

  • Franchisee Registration.

    SWACHESEVA is an e-Services portal. This portal has E-Services AEPS, BBPS, PAN Card Service, Tours & Travels, Ticket Bookings, Recharges, Insurance Premiums and manymore eservices.To apply for Franchisee follow the instructions step by step which provided on Franchisee registration section. This Section is distributed using a Swacheseva Registration steps.

  • Terms & Conditions for Franchisee.

    While doing SWACHESEVA E-services Franchisees should have complete knowledge on using a computer with internet and online transaction services.

  • Franchisee allocation process.

    A New Franchisee allocated to those who have a minimum of 200sft area and having the all requirements mentioned in the Franchisee Registration details, Franchisee allocation is made only after all the verifications done by SWACHESEVA Concerned authorities.

  • Micro ATM Service.

    Similar to Bank ATMs, the micro Automated Teller Machine (ATM) also provide traditional services like withdrawing cash, balance enquiry, cash deposits and much more.However, the micro ATMs are best for carrying out cash transactions in situation when bigger ATMs are running dry. Micro ATMs as the name suggests are a mini version of an ATM. They are developed with features like point of sales (POS), connecting banking networks through GPRS for carrying bank-related transactions.Equipped with card swipe facility,the micro ones can even operate via fingerprint scanner. Generally, these mini ATMs are situated in remote or mobile locations.

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